Dishes You Need for Easter Brunch

When the weather starts getting warmer and flowers begin popping up, you know that Easter is right around the corner. While for many other major holidays you might spend the whole day in the kitchen preparing an elaborate dinner for your loved ones, many people opt for brunch as their holiday meal on Easter Sunday. However, with an earlier meal, you might not want to have to worry about waking up early on a holiday to start making everything. This makes going out to eat for your Easter brunch the perfect way to spend the holiday. 
This year, you can enjoy the perfect Easter brunch at Rikasa. We’ve created an amazing menu featuring some of the most popular brunch dishes, several of which use classic Easter foods.

Easter Ham

Brunch doesn’t mean you have to miss your chance to have your favorite holiday dishes. Ham is likely the first food that comes to mind when people think about a traditional Easter meal. We know that ham is a beloved Easter tradition for many families and couldn’t leave it off our menu. If you’re craving this classic Easter dish or aren’t a big breakfast food fan, our Easter ham plate will be the perfect choice for you. Enjoy a delicious ham steak paired with mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts.

Dishes with Fresh Fruit

Easter is the perfect time to enjoy fresh fruit, and brunch gives you plenty of opportunities to do so. On a nice spring day, nothing tastes better than something sweet and fruity, so we had to ensure our Easter brunch had a few different dishes featuring fruit. Split our charcuterie and fruit appetizer with the table or add fruit to your pancakes, waffles, or French toast. You can add blueberries or bananas to our buttermilk pancakes, enjoy strawberries with our stuffed French toast, or try brûléed bananas with Belgian waffles.

Classic Egg Dishes

Eggs are one of the most popular Easter symbols, so it’s no surprise that brunch is a common way to celebrate the holiday. Of course, we’ve got many amazing choices on our menu. We’re offering six different egg dishes this Easter, and each one has distinct flavors that set it apart from the others. Choose omelets that feature lobster, ham, and vegetables, or add more protein to your meal with our steak and eggs. Our menu also has two classic brunch dishes – eggs Benedict and eggs Florentine.

Seafood Appetizers and Entrees

While ham may be the most recognized meat for Easter, some enjoy seafood instead. Shrimp is one of the most popular appetizers out there, especially for important holiday meals. You can start your brunch off with an order of our shrimp and colossal crab cocktail. Our smoked salmon lox platter is also an amazing way to enjoy your Easter brunch this year. Made with smoked salmon, tomatoes, red onion, cream cheese, capers, arugula, and a bagel, this has everything you could want during a special brunch.

Make Your Easter Brunch Reservations Today

If you don’t know how to spend Easter this year, make Rikasa a part of your holiday. Our brunch menu has something for everyone, so it’s the perfect place to celebrate with family and friends. We’ll ensure you have an amazing meal and you won’t have to worry about doing any of the work yourself. You can spend the day enjoying your time with loved ones participating in your favorite holiday traditions and having a delicious meal.
Our Easter brunch will run from 10 AM to 3 PM on Easter Sunday. Be sure to make your reservations today so you don’t miss out on a great meal!