What Exactly is a Margarita?

Few drinks are as refreshing or as popular as a margarita. Many of us have enjoyed nights out with friends drinking margaritas, and you’ve likely had a few different kinds. While a classic margarita is made with tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice, there are many variations today that include different fruit juices and other additions. At Rikasa, we’re known for our amazing margaritas that you can enjoy on Margarita Mondays, where we feature our own takes on the classic cocktail. We can also help you learn a little bit more about this iconic drink.

When Were Margaritas Invented?

There are a few different claims to creating margaritas, but it was likely created sometime during the 1930s or 1940s. One theory claims that the margarita was invented in 1938 in California when a restaurant owner mixed the drink for dancer Marjorie King. As King couldn’t drink many other types of alcohol, a tequila-based drink was created. Others claim that wealthy Dallas socialite Margarita Sames was the creator and served the drink to guests in her home. 

Margaritas are also widely believed to be derived from a brandy daisy, a cocktail that predates it. Brandy daisies consist of brandy, yellow Chartreuse, lemon juice, and soda water. Variations of brandy daisies were later created using different base alcohols. While daisies vary depending on the alcohol used, they typically contain citrus juice and liqueur, similar to a classic margarita recipe. Another reason to believe that margaritas branched out from daisies is that margarita is the Spanish word for daisy.

How Can You Order One?

Depending on where you’re at, you can order margaritas in a few different ways. These can be served traditionally, frozen, or on the rocks. The origins of the classic drink might not be known for certain, but the first frozen margarita can be traced back to Dallas restaurateur Mariano Martinez in 1971. 

While a classic margarita has enough flavor on its own, at Rikasa, we know that there are plenty of ways to make it even better. Margaritas can be recreated in many ways, so you’re sure to find a variation you enjoy.

Why Salt the Rim?

While a margarita technically only has three ingredients, you can’t forget to salt the rim of the glass. A salted rim is one of the most iconic aspects of this drink, and you’ll find this classic addition on nearly any margarita you order. However, have you ever wondered why the rim of your glass comes salted? The salt actually makes the flavors of the margarita stronger but it also helps take away some of the bitterness.

Come to Margarita Mondays at Rikasa

At Rikasa, we know how much everyone loves a good margarita, which is why we provide plenty of chances to find your favorite and spend time with your friends. On Mondays, you can join us for Margarita Mondays and enjoy one of the most popular drinks in America. There’s no better way to end a Monday than with this classic cocktail and no better place to go for one than Rikasa.
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