Why Do We Eat Escargot?

When many of us think of France, we think of art, history, fashion, and of course, fine cuisine. From baguettes, crepes, various cheeses, and many classic French dishes, France has made a name for itself all over the world for having delicious, high-quality foods. However, while French cuisine is sought after by many, certain dishes make some a little wary, namely, Escargot. People all over have mixed feelings on the dish, and while many see it as a sophisticated, quintessentially-French dish, others aren’t very open to trying it.

While you can find Escargot easily in French brasseries, finding it in America can be challenging. Fortunately, you can feel like you’re in France and order Escargot at Rikasa. If you’re new to this French dish, let us explain a little bit more about Escargot.

Did Escargot Originate in France?

Many of us only think of France when we think about Escargot, but people have actually been eating snails all throughout history. Some claim that farming snails for food originated in Spain or the Mediterranean. The role of eating snails has also varied over the years. Some cultures ate them out of necessity, while ancient Romans considered snails to be a delicacy in their culture. Today, Escargot is often seen as a luxury due to the work required to farm and prepare the snails.

How is it Prepared?

If you’re not familiar with Escargot, you might have some concerns over how the snails are prepared. It is often served as an appetizer like it is at Rikasa, but it can also be served as an entree. Snails are removed from their shells, which are then cleaned, and cooked. Like many of the best foods, Escargot is served with butter, garlic, and herbs. Before serving, snails are put back into their shells for you to then remove with a fork. At Rikasa, we use Burgundian snails, which is common for the French dish.

Because of how it is carefully prepared, you also shouldn’t be worried about whether or not the snails are safe to eat. While you can’t just catch any snail and prepare it yourself, there’s nothing to be concerned about when the right species is prepared by experienced chefs.

Why Should You Eat Escargot?

Since snails are not a common part of American cuisine by any means, some might be wondering why they should give it a try. Many people love the amazing taste that well-prepared Escargot has, which is the best reason to try it. Escargot is often compared to eating clams, sometimes with a slight chicken-like taste. If you know you like clams, Escargot is certainly worth trying. Since they’re served in garlic butter with herbs, they also take on these flavors.

Enjoy Escargot at Rikasa Today

If you want to try one of the best foods that French cuisine has to offer, come to Rikasa to order our Escargot. This is not something you can find at many other places, so if you love classic French foods or you’re feeling a little adventurous, you need to join us for dinner soon. 
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