Some Of Our Star Seafood Dishes To Try

Considering Northeastern Pennsylvania definitely does not have a beachfront, there isn’t always the widest array of seafood restaurants to choose from. Searching for a place that has fresh ingredients and amazing recipes can be discouraging for some, but look no further. Rikasa will check off all your boxes, with great service and a welcoming atmosphere guaranteed. So we dare you to close your eyes and try one of our many seafood dishes – you may even mistake yourself for being by the beach.


If you’re not fully dedicated to having seafood as your main course, we have many appetizers to satisfy your craving. Perfect for sharing with friends and family or enjoying yourself, you will not be disappointed.

Clams Oreganata

While we have multiple different clam dishes on the menu, including Zuppa di clams and linguini clams, clams oreganata is the star of the show. This Italian American dish mainly consists of breadcrumbs, garlic, oregano, parsley, red pepper flakes, and of course, fresh middle-neck clams. The ingredients are all mixed and packed into the clam, creating a crust on top of the shell before being baked to perfection. Leaving the oven crispy and golden brown, they are then served warm and with lemon slices to squeeze on top.

Traditional Fried Calamari

Squid is another popular item in Italy, landing it a spot on our menu. Calamari is a small squid, most popularly fried to perfection to serve as an appetizer, which is exactly how we prepare it. The key when it comes to preparing this dish is how fresh the calamari is as well as how long you fry it. These two things determine the consistency of the dish, which is incredibly important. At Rikasa, we serve it with lemon wedges, which is a typical topping in Italy, as well as a marinara sauce for dipping.

Tuna Tartare

If you’re a true seafood lover, one of your favorite meals may be tuna tartare. The base of this dish is raw tuna chopped into small cubes, and there is a wide variety of flavors and toppings that can be added. Rikasa’s tuna tartare is made up of ahi tuna, citrus, avocado, cucumber, and pickled shallot. This flavor combination is a refreshing and summery recipe, highlighting the quality of the tuna itself.


Rikasa Crab Cakes

If you thought there was any way we could leave this classic off our menu, you were mistaken! It’s no question that crab cakes are one of the most popular seafood dishes in America, and Rikasa does not disappoint with the flavor and quality of ours. The binding for the crabcakes themselves traditionally is made up of mayonnaise, Worcestershire sauce, Panko, eggs, dijon mustard, and parsley. At Rikasa, we chose to top ours with a mustard sauce and serve on top of mixed greens and tomatoes tossed in our house vinaigrette.

Penne, Shrimp, Crab

This Italian restaurant would not be complete without a pasta and seafood dish. Our penne, shrimp, and crab pasta is one of our favorites. In addition to the shrimp and jumbo lump crab, tomatoes are added to the dish for added flavor. This is all mixed in a garlic cream sauce, making it into a warm, creamy, and savory meal.

North Atlantic Salmon

Our last of the seafood dishes highlights is the North Atlantic salmon. Salmon is another item that can be prepared in countless different ways to create different flavors, and our summer menu consists of salmon with a summery flavor pallet! With a southwestern maple glaze and a pineapple salsa, it takes on a barbeque-meets-the-beach taste. Served with asparagus and fingerling potatoes to make it a full meal, you will leave satisfied after indulging in this dish.

More Than Our Seafood Dishes!

While Rikasa clearly does seafood dishes right, we have so much more to offer! Whether it’s a 14 oz. Black Angus NY Strip for meat lovers, Rigatoni Al Norma for a pasta person, or eggplant parmesan for our vegetarians, we work hard to make sure we have delicious options for everyone. Next time you’re searching for a place to have a spectacular dinner, choose Rikasa.