Get a Taste of Italy with Rikasa

Out of all the cuisines and wines you can try all over the world, few are more well known than Italy’s. While the beautiful art and views give tourists more than enough reasons on their own to visit Italy, one reason many people love traveling to Italy is for the delicious food. It’s hard to beat well-made Italian food, which has made this a favorite of people worldwide for generations.  However, if you’re not planning a trip to Italy any time soon, you can still experience this for yourself with Rikasa.

On March 3rd, you can enjoy an amazing five-course Italian wine dinner with fine wine importer Fred Magnotta. At Rikasa, you can enjoy some of the best Italian meals and flavors available without having to leave NEPA.

Try Lobster Burrata for Your First Course

Burrata has been an important part of Italian cuisine for decades, but it’s grown in popularity in recent years. Today, burrata is one of the biggest food trends, and for good reason. Burrata is a mix of mozzarella and cream that forms a pouch, which you can often see people recording themselves cutting into. Cutting into burrata is similar to cutting into a runny egg, only with burrata, you get creamy cheese spilling onto your meal. We’re serving our burrata with lobster, tomatoes, and basil oil to start off our Italian wine dinner.

Enjoy Two Amazing Pasta Meals

You can’t enjoy Italian food or wine without having pasta and we’re serving two different types. During our second course, we’ll be serving veal cappelletti in broth. Cappelletti is a centuries-old Italian pasta shape similar to tortellini and is the perfect pasta to add to a soup dish. This pasta is traditionally stuffed with meat, including veal. To complement the veal cappelletti, we’re serving it with veal broth and sage.

Following our veal cappelletti, you can try one of the best comfort meals out there. If you enjoy pasta served in a rich, creamy sauce, the prosciutto carbonara will be perfect for you. Our carbonara uses a classic recipe of egg yolks, parmesan, peas, prosciutto, and bucatini pasta. Red sauces may be popular for pasta dishes, but carbonara’s silky sauce makes it many people’s favorite Italian dish.

Sample Amazing Lamb Chops

Not only will we be serving delicious pasta, but our Italian wine night also features Australian lamb rack chop. Australian lamb is known for being lean and often has more flavor than American lamb. Lamb rack chops use some of the best parts of a lamb so that you can enjoy the best flavor and texture in your meal. Served with broccoli rabe, potatoes, and a red wine sauce, our Australian lamb chops will be exactly what you need following our pasta dishes.

Finish with Dessert

Of course, no dinner is complete without dessert. While you’ll find many flavors used in Italian desserts, one that stands out from the rest is pistachio. Mildly sweet and nutty, a pistachio dessert is the perfect way to end a night of eating rich, filling foods. Our pistachio torte uses toasted pistachios, pistachio budino, and cream.

Make Your Reservations for Our Italian Wine Dinner Today

Eating delicious dishes and drinking amazing wine is the perfect way to spend an evening, and with our Italian wine dinner, there’s nothing more that you could want. While you enjoy our five-course meal, you’ll also get to learn more about fine wines from an experienced importer. 

If you want to try the Italian wines we’ve paired with these classic dishes, make your reservations today.