1920’s Cocktails You HAVE to Try

Prohibition started just over one hundred years ago, so we are commemorating the great drinks that bartenders at the time created. Whether they were trying to make a batch of liquor taste better or trying to make it last longer, many of their creations became staple drinks for happy hour. Here are three of our favorite classic cocktails that you can order at Rikasa. We’ve put our own twist on a few, but you’re always welcome to order a true classic Prohibition Era cocktail!

Old Fashioned

Back in the day, an Old Fashioned was ordered as a whiskey cocktail. While the opportunities with this drink are endless, they’re traditionally made with whiskey, Angostura bitters, a sugar cube, and a twist of lemon. When the U.S. went dry in the 1920s, many creatives began putting a twist on this drink, which is exactly what our bartenders at Rikasa had in mind. 

When ordering a House Old Fashioned at Rikasa, you’ll receive a drink with Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon or Rittenhouse Rye, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, black walnut and orange bitters, brandied cherry and a flamed orange peel. If you’re interested in a real twist on a Prohibition Era drink, try our Caramel Apple Old Fashioned! This creative classic is perfect for the fall with its Crown Royal Salted Caramel, Crown Apple, lemon bitters, a splash of Domaine De Canton Ginger Liqueur and a caramel honey crisp apple garnish.


The Sidecar is said to be named after the term for a glass that bartenders poured excess liquor into. While that may not sound appealing, a Sidecar actually contains cognac, Cointreau, and fresh lemon juice over crushed ice, all served in a glass with a sugar rim. Being that Cointreau is a sweetener AND an alcoholic ingredient, this cocktail is sometimes made too strong (which isn’t always a bad thing)! The bartenders at Rikasa know their stuff, so if you decide to try a Sidecar, you will not be disappointed!


If you’re into simple cocktails, the Highball is for you. This Prohibition Era drink is super versatile and it’s almost impossible to mess up. Traditionally, the Highball is created by combining whiskey or scotch with club soda, but the choice of liquor is completely up to you. 

The Highball is all about balance, meaning that your liquor and soda should be about a 1:1 ratio. Nowadays, this drink is typically called “vodka soda” or “tequila soda,” but at Risaka, we respect tradition, so if you want this drink, ask us for a Highball!

Stop by Rikasa for a Drink!

Whether you’re an experimental drinker or you stick to your favorites, Rikasa is ready to serve you! On top of our signature drink menu, we also offer dessert cocktails, bottled beer, and over 20 different wines. Now that we’ve sharpened your knowledge on the Prohibition Era, what are you waiting for? Call and make reservations or stop by Rikasa to try a classic cocktail!