The Best Wine Pairings for Thanksgiving Dinner

No holiday meal is complete without drinks, and for most people, a special meal calls for wine. You might have a favorite go-to wine, but that might not be what pairs best with your meal. If you want to impress your guests or bring the perfect hostess gift, you need to know what wines are the most compatible with the foods in your Thanksgiving spread. Fortunately, there are many wine options that pair well with all of the classic Thanksgiving foods.
At Rikasa, we know a lot about wine and carry an extensive wine menu in our restaurant. If you aren’t sure what will work best, here are the best wines for Thanksgiving dinner that are sure to complement your meal.

White Wines for Thanksgiving

When you’re eating with a group of people, having options for white wine can help ensure everyone has something they’ll like. White wines are often recommended for Thanksgiving, so you can’t go wrong with serving a few bottles at your dinner. Thanksgiving dinner can often be a little heavy, and white wine offers bright and refreshing flavors that are the perfect contrast to balance it out.

Pinot Grigio

Pinot grigio is one of the most popular options for Thanksgiving wine. This wine is known for being crisp and with a nice citrus flavor. While pinot grigio is typically dry, there are variations that are a little sweeter that may appeal to your guests. Pinot grigio is a great drink to have when eating high-fat foods, making it perfect for Thanksgiving.


If you’re getting riesling for your Thanksgiving dinner, a dry one is typically more suitable. Riesling is known for being acidic, with floral and fruity flavors, particularly stone fruits. Riesling is extremely versatile when it comes to Thanksgiving, and will work with foods that are loaded with spices as well as sweet desserts.

Sauvignon Blanc

Like many other white ones, sauvignon blanc is crisp and fruity. However, sauvignon blanc also contains herbaceous and spicy notes that will be a great addition to any Thanksgiving dinner. Sauvignon blanc is perfect to pair with any white meat, including turkey.

Red Wines for Thanksgiving

While many people might associate white wines with Thanksgiving dinner, the right red can be the perfect touch to your meal. However, lighter reds tend to go better with Thanksgiving foods than drier reds that are higher in tannins. The fruity flavor found in many reds is perfect for the spices featured in Thanksgiving food. If you prefer red to white, these wines will be ideal for your holiday plans.

Pinot Noir

Pinot noir is a top choice for many red wine drinkers and will fit right in at Thanksgiving. If you’re having a classic Thanksgiving meal, pinot noir is sure to complement it. The fruity flavor of pinot noir also means it will pair well with the cranberry in your meal.


Zinfandel is ideal for guests looking for something with a stronger flavor than pinot noir but still goes with the rest of the meal. Zinfandel goes well with dark cuts of turkey and is perfect with many different herbs and spices.


While it might not have the popularity of pinot noir or zinfandel, Beaujolais is a wine you need to try incorporating in your dinner this Thanksgiving. Beaujolais has a refreshing taste that will help balance out your meal and desserts.

Find Your New Favorite Wine at Rikasa

What wine goes best with your Thanksgiving meal depends on your preferences and the flavors you choose to incorporate. There are many options, and you might not know what you like best. At Rikasa, we offer many fine wines, so you’re sure to find a new favorite to try out for the holidays. 

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